e-Permit FAQs

Building Permit – Plan Review Required should be selected.

In Step 1: Job Location>Address, the Address, Parcel, and Owner information is required to continue with the permit application. Enter only the numerical portion of the address and then click the blue Search button. This will generate a list of addresses in Adams County. Find the address that corresponds to the property where the work is being completed. Since the address is located within unincorporated Adams County, it will not have a city listed. Instead it will have a (-) where a city should be listed. Select the correct address and click Select at the bottom of the screen. The applicable information will auto populate.

Call the One Stop Customer Center, 720.523.6800, to have the permit released.

No, only the person who applied for the permit has the access to pay online. However, you may provide a check in person at the One-Stop Customer Center and a receipt will be printed for you. To print off the approved permit card, you will need to contact the person who applied for the permit.

We would prefer the general contractor, homeowner, or applicant of the project be the one to add subcontractors verifying their registration with Adams County.

Once the re-submittal has been deemed complete, review can take up to 10 business days. It’s important to note, a re-submittal is not considered complete until ALL requested items have been submitted. Submitting all requested items at one time is preferred.

Once your permit application has been moved into the review phase, documents can no longer be uploaded. This is to prevent any changes while staff is reviewing the application. If necessary, additional documents can be emailed to [email protected], and a permit technician will ensure the documents are uploaded to the application correctly and staff completing the review is notified. Please be sure to include the record/permit number and address for the permit in the email.

Applicants are responsible for uploading fire department approval documents to their permit through the E–Permit Center.

If you are using the E–Permit Center, you can log into your account to view the information associated with your building permit. You may also call the One-Stop Customer Center, 720.523.6800, after 8 a.m. on the day of your inspection to inquire about the time of your inspection.

Yes, a ladder is required.

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