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Building Safety

Proposed Ordinance Revisions

Over the past several months, Adams County Building Safety Staff and Fire Marshals have reviewed the most current versions of the 2018 International Building Codes and developed proposed amendments thereto.  As part of our adoption process, we are requesting your feedback to the proposed amendments.

All proposed language/changes for the Ordinances are underlined, while the deletions are shown as strikethrough.

We request you submit any comments or feedback via email to the following email address  When submitting your comments, we request you identify yourself as a contractor, resident, design professional, code professional, business owner, or representative of an organization.  This information will assist with categorizing the responses.

Ordinance 4 Fire Code

Ordinance 12 Building Code


Building Codes

The Adams County Board of Commissioners has adopted the following building codes:

2012 International Building Code
2006 International Energy Code
2012 International Fire Code
2012 International Fuel Gas Code
2012 International Mechanical Code
2012 International Plumbing Code
2012 International Residential Building Code
2014 National Electrical Code

**To obtain a copy of any one of these code books, please visit the International Code Council website.


The Adams County Board of Commissioners adopted the following ordinances:



Current Planning

Development Standards & Regulations

Click here for the complete Development Standards & Regulations Document (may be slow due to large file size). Document last updated 10/12/17.

For older versions of the Development Standards & Regulations, please contact the Community & Economic Development Department at 720.523.6800.

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